Putting Down Your To-Do’s

At times if feels like life only slows down long enough to be remembered. I have a lot to learn about living life instead of letting it live for me. Driven as I am, most of my life I’ve strived to accomplish all that I could for Christ – as much as could literally be fit in a day and then some. Not because I thought that He would love me more, for nothing I do or don’t do could ever cause Him to love me less (it just effects the closeness and His ability to allow me to work alongside what He’s doing). But it seemed that when I began to get more and more serious and disciplined in doing all the “things” I thought I was designed and able to do, I found myselffeeling torn between people and accomplishment. Living with major accomplishments around my path, I was frequently somehow frustrated, and even at times inconvenienced by people – the very ones I was convincing myself I was doing things for. What if every day was not to be lived only but breathed in. If there’s truly only so much that can fit in a day, then I want to be walking towards the One I can’t see…not encumbered by the distractions of seeming accomplishment surrounding me with temptation to seek after them. They lie saying that after you finish you’ll be free to do what you want, what you long to deep down. There are times of discipline needed in order to persevere. But, may we never confuse “…perseverance (that) must finish it’s work so that we may be mature and complete not lacking anything…” (James 1) and being so focused on things on earth that our hearts aren’t set on things above (Col. 3:1) If there’s so many days in a year and years in a life, then the same 24 hour days must be filled with what really matters regardless of what we could have donewith the time instead. It’s people that Jesus died for. It’s the Ones who have trusted Him with their lives that He says we are, on earth, His physical representation to a wandering, lost, and hopeless people of activity. We are His body and He is the Head. (Ephesians) What is priority – that must come first and whatever else I can stuff in, so be it! I’m learning to live in a freedom like I’ve never known before… I’m nowhere close to gripping this fully. I want to live so in light of eternity that the days just seem like a blur cause His face is what I’m focused on. Oh, may we not miss LIFE.(John 14:6) “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!” Gal. 5:1. HOW? Stop and listen – Stop talking long enough to be okay with silence… It’s not a waste of time to just think about what really matters without making a to-do list. Who knows, it may be a moment that He uses to direct your heart like a watercourse wherever He wants it to go! (Prov.21:1) Read what He says…even though the urgents are telling you that you can after you finish with them… ignore the seeming urgents and listen to LIFE – (Is your life is in His hands?)…He’s a much better master. (You cannot serve two Masters.)